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Watson Cam
Dr Watson reviews his tab at the Hound and Ferret

Dr Watson reviews his tab at the Hound and Ferret

Medical Notes

Medical Matters #1

I was sitting in my practice earlier this week when a man with very fine blonde whiskers entered my surgery and requested that I help him with a unique problem.  In my efficient manner I had him up on the couch and gave him a very thorough investigation before he could utter another word.

At first I wondered whether it might be the pronounced corns and under-developed arch of his right foot but alas no. Perhaps then it was the unusual rash which resembled a dried tapioca pudding. But again no.  Neuralgia perhaps? No.

Brain fever I asserted triumphantly remembering many a subject who had succumbed to this strange condition in my adventures with Holmes. Indeed I once self-diagnosed this in order to escape a family get-together in Clovelly.  I even complemented the ruse by rolling myself in the hearth rug and singing the Bristol to Cardiff train route backwards to the tune of Sally in our Alley.

But again no! ¬†Then what!? I exclaimed to my whiskered patient. ¬†It turns out that Holmes had once promised to give the man fifty pounds if he could work out a particularly tricky word puzzle which Holmes had set him as part of an investigation some twenty years earlier. ¬†Having finally worked it out my guest was now demanding the sum in full from myself, seeing as Holmes had reneged on his debt by vanishing into thin air some years ago. ¬†Well, I am an honourable man and did what all honourable men would do in this situation – I gave him a heavy sedative, dressed him in one of Mrs Watson’s spare frocks and told Lestrade he’d been inappropriate with my Boy in Buttons. I haven’t seen nor heard of the gentleman since – medicine is such a noble art.

Whiskered Menace

The Whiskered Menace – now Mrs Irene Caldicott