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Moving Pictures


5 Responses to “Moving Pictures”

  • Dear Dr Watson,

    I look forward to hearing more of your exploits.

  • My Dear Watson,
    Our congratulations on your latest venture. The Self-Important Scotland Yarders anticipate great things from you, with the hope of an increased Caledonian content. Kindly convey our best regards to Mrs Watson.

  • The Veiled Lady:

    Kind Sir,
    I will always be in your debt after your incisive intervention in the Case of the Cracked Whalebone Corset. I await, with eager anticipation, the latest exploits by you and your dear friend S.

  • Sir Arthur Fish-Reticule:

    Dear Dr Watson
    Whatever you do, don’t use the Aubergine Linctus. I was foolish enough to purchase a small bucket of the stuff and now all my aubergines are dead. That chap Guiseppe refused to give me Dr Willow’s address, so I bought a stamp for no good reason. Don’t know why I tried to grow them, anyway: nasty, tasteless things. I like the moving pictures, by the way, but how does the little fellow get in there?
    Hoping this finds you as it leaves me,

  • V.R.:

    We are amused.

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