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Watson Cam
Dr Watson reviews his tab at the Hound and Ferret

Dr Watson reviews his tab at the Hound and Ferret

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Mrs Hudson’s Guide to Entertaining 2

Crackers are also an opportunity to surprise your guests with innovative gifts.   Last year I used evidence from Mr Holmes’ investigations into the Crusty Doorman Affair which was a wonderful surprise for Mrs Watson (IV) who took home a severed ear.
The cracker pull should be an event in itself.  To confidently avoid a damp squib I like to liven up the cracker with powder from some of the doctor’s bullet cartridges.  This will ensure your party will go with a bang although make sure you experiment to get the right proportion – the sitting-room was once two rooms before a particularly spectacular cracker-pull back in ’88.
Mrs Hudson's custom crackers are talk of the town

Mrs Hudson’s custom crackers are talk of the town


The Hoffnung-Meininger Conspiracy 3

ruddy good partridge19:30 Holmes arrives with Lestrade in tow.  My friend proclaims he has solved the riddle of the Hoffnung-Meininger conspiracy which has saved the blushes of at least one European monarch.  Holmes proceeds to furnish me with the facts of the case.  Miss some elements due to the distraction of a partridge served with boiled potatoes.  Will ask Holmes for a précis later.

21:00 Retire early after an exhausting day.  Make note to go home tomorrow.

23:15 Awoken by Mrs Watson who has made an extra special visit to Baker Street to yell very loudly. Seems I will not be going home tomorrow after all.