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Watson Cam
Dr Watson reviews his tab at the Hound and Ferret

Dr Watson reviews his tab at the Hound and Ferret

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My New Year’s Resolutions 1914

It is traditional for one to use the festive season as a time of reflection and soul-searching and this year I have distilled my musings into a list of resolutions.

Not only is this a handy way for me to track my progress but it also prevents a repeat of last year’s epic museathon when my aspirations for 1913 were finally completed just ten minutes before I was singing auld lang’s syne to welcome 1914. Here they are more-or-less.

  • Less eating
  • More singing
  • Less port
  • More lemon
  • Less smoking *
  • More shooting
  • More running then
  • Less running
  • Less time spent creating amusing anecdotes in bed
  • More time spent at work
  • Less singing and shooting while eating

A happy new year to all of my readers, I wish you both all the best for the forthcoming year


Planking - Mrs H style

Mrs Hudson’s offering for Charades, Boxing Day 1913 – she has refused to move until we guess it.

* does not include essential case-related smoking or the smoking of evidence


Happy New Year 1913

M.D - moderately drunk

A little drinkie for each of the 12 days of Christmas – consumed before 9am on Christmas Day

Happy New Year to you all. ¬†I trust you all had a fine Christmas. For my part I’ve decided that all future meals will be taken at my club following Mrs Hudson’s decision to experiment with the traditional Yuletide roast. ¬†I shall check with my good friend Lestrade but instinct tells me that pickled herring with walnut stuffing is grounds for an arrest – criminal as well as cardiac.

Mrs Hudson has taken this in her usual calm manner and I have just recovered my socks and collars from her now-customary Mystery Buns served on Boxing Day. Oh how I love tradition.


Happy New Year 1912

Happy New Year 1912.  We have plenty planned for this year including thoughts from our very own Commissioner Lestrade and much more of the moving pictures programme we promised you a little while ago.   Filming begins in February so do keep dropping by to visit and we will release some snippets to whet your appetite over the coming months.     

Happy New Year to you all, and especially to my dear friend Sherlock Holmes, wherever you may be…