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Watson Cam
Dr Watson reviews his tab at the Hound and Ferret

Dr Watson reviews his tab at the Hound and Ferret

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The Hoffnung-Meininger Conspiracy 2

15:30 Consider going to my club but there is a slight breeze which plays havoc with my Afghan leg. Instead check on Mrs Hudson’s varicose veins for which I prescribe a codeine solution and that she make me a plate of ham sandwiches.

mr jackson - butcher and gentleman16:50 Called upon by local butcher, Mr Jackson, who is in some dispute with Holmes over late payment for a Christmas goose. In Holmes’s’ absence I take over negotiations by telling him I have a loaded revolver in my pocket. The goose is now free and we also have front row seats at the theatre courtesy of Mrs Jackson.

18:00 Potter round drawing room.

18:08 Potter round drawing room again but this time as Nelson at Waterloo. Move on to WG Grace playing cricket, then Disraeli, then Disraeli playing cricket at Waterloo. Have great success using a poker to perfect a defensive stance against a spin bowler but Mrs Hudson is unimpressed by my fielding practice using one of her dumplings. She is even less impressed by my asking for an early supper.